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The highest level of degree that one can obtain is an honorary degree. Obtaining an honorary degree is a very long process that requires years of research work, studying course work, and teaching till you become qualified enough to get your honorary degree. But once a person reaches that stage he/she is given immense respect and appreciation and degrees are handed over through highly reputed commencement ceremonies. On such occasions the person being awarded the degree gives speeches which are considered a major part of the ceremony and are much appreciated.

Another way of getting an honorary degree is by directly applying in a university or getting nominated by some college thus saving you the time and need to attend classes.

how to get an honorary degree
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How to Get an Honorary Degree

There are certain steps that you need to take to successfully get an honorary degree. These are:

  • Preparing your resume: The first step requires extensive detailing. You have to ensure that you fully mention all your experience, prior education and philanthropic work that you have been engaged in, in the past
  • Getting letters of reference: Students who are able to secure reference letters from well known people are able to enjoy increased chances of being accepted by a university. Ensure that you elaborate on your relationship with your references as well.
  • Deciding on a doctorate topic: Deciding on a topic for your honorary degree is an important step. You need to carefully analyze all your interests along with professional and/or personal accomplishments. Based on that analysis you can then decide which subject area will be more suited for your honorary degree.
  • Deciding which research university or college to join: Getting into the most renowned universities is very difficult. Make sure you apply in several colleges and universities at a time.
  • Whether to go for an online doctorate program: Another option for getting an honorary degree is to enroll in online college or universities such as the University of Berkley Online honorary degree, the Cosmopolitan University Doctorate Project etc. Most students are asked to make donations to the university programs in order to qualify for an honorary degree.
  • Contacting universities to gather relevant information: Once you have nailed down your list to those few universities or colleges you are interested in, start calling them up to get more detailed information on how to apply and what their requirements are especially related to the donation amount you need to give.
  • Fill out an application for approval: Get application forms from all universities or colleges that you wish to apply in. If you have a strong reference you can ask him/her to fill a nomination form in your favor. Carefully fill out all the forms and make sure you have all attachments before posting the application.

Once you have been through these steps all you are left to do to get an honorary degree is to wait for approvals. If you are lucky enough you will get approval from two or more universities or colleges. The process is extensive but the output is really worth all the hard work. If you truly wish to excel in your field apply now for an honorary degree.

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