Diploma Mill – Unaccredited University Degree Certification Procedure

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Diploma mill or Degree mill is nothing but getting a diploma or degree from an unaccredited university. There are many unaccredited universities in this world; however not all unaccredited universities provide degree mill. The definition of degree mill is certification of a degree or diploma which is fraudulent and having no value in the term of education. Diploma mills are the organization which provide such degrees without going any class and examinations; just a printed paper to cheat others or to hang in the drawing hall to make fool others.

The degree mills are all unaccredited universities; which do not have any accreditation from their govt. or education society to provide education and teaching. They are the private organizations who have their own methodology to earn money from the people like that. However, not all the unaccredited universities are degree mills. Some of the unaccredited universities provide religious education and teaching since a long to spread their religion or beliefness throughout the world. They do not require any kind of accreditation, so they’re not called as degree mills.

Diploma Mills
Diploma Mills

The Roles of Diploma Mills are:

  • There will be no teaching facility, no professors or lecturers to teach.
  • Some might doesn’t have the postal address too; only contacts through mail box or emailing procedure.
  • Students will not get any thesis and case studies for their doctorate or higher degree courses.
  • Their official website also looks like a funny or unprofessional; however the URL address may have .ac or .edu at last which makes other confusion. Most of the educational or universities put their domain as .ac in the sense academic institution or .edu in the sense of educational portal. So beware of that also.
  • The degrees are available all time; any date, any month of any year. After getting registered with their official website with some little fees, you’ll be able to get a degree as per your date and time.
  • Unable to find any error in the certificate; totally error-free and looks like an original university certificate without a little difference.

Diploma mills are surrounded with us everywhere; however, there is no illegal actions taken by the govt. or any other educational ministry. This is because; the degree mills are having very suspicious accounts which operate in outer countries and states. In addition, there is no fact or prove of illegal activities, such as violence, sex or obscenity etc.; on base of which any action can be taken. On the whole matter says diploma mill helps by providing certificates to the people who crossed their milestone with various job experiences.

In other words, it also called as a certificate of Experience Degree. Experience degree defines to promote a person with a certificate who has a knowledge and experience on a serious topic; such as photography, videography, modeling, business making etc. Therefore, a diploma mill helps others by providing certificates in different subjects and skills depend upon their expertise.

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