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Numerous colleges and universities are offering what is known as accredited life experience degrees. This is basically a degree of recognition of your personal and professional achievements.  Yes, it is possible to have your work experience contribute to you obtaining a university degree.

These degrees are issued by educational institutions to people who can prove they have knowledge and experience in a relevant field.  There are many specialized titles for different fields that you can choose from such as business, education and health, fine arts and science. These degrees can usually be obtained in a short period of time.

Often accredited life experience degrees are given to people who have not attended college. These degrees are becoming more popular online and increasing numbers of people are selecting to go this route instead of choosing the traditional on-site campus institutions. The applicant has to provide proof that he or she has obtained the knowledge and life experience to the relevant field of the accredited life experience degree at he or she is applying for.

You will need to supply your prior work experience, letters of recommendation and other documents. Generally these documents will have to provide compelling evidence that the applicant has the same amount of knowledge and experience as an average college student.  Also, they will take into consideration any community achievements, any awards received, and other personal or professional successes.  The cost of accredited life experience degrees can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

The majority of life experience degrees can be expected to be completed within a few weeks if you are well prepared and have all your documents in order. Every institution has their own rules and regulations so it is always a good idea to inform yourself of each and every institution’s polices on whether or not they will consider your outside experience and if they do give credits.  You should be careful when selecting the institution in which you decide to obtain your accredited life experience degrees.

The Institution should be regionally and nationally accredited.  Basically, this means that a governing body has endorsed them and they did meet all the requirements to be an accredited institution.  It can be time consuming searching for a legitimate institution, but there are traditional institutions who offer real degrees.  If you are searching on line, you will find all sorts of institutions offering degrees from universities to fake diploma mills.

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