Accredited Life Experience Degrees in Your Own Preferred Degree Program

Degree Levels Available:

Life Experience

UPDATE: Disciplines NOT Available:

  • Medical and related
  • Biologi or Chemistry and related
  • Law Enforcement and related
  • Disciplines Available:

    • Arts
    • Business Administration
    • Commerce
    • Divinity
    • Letters
    • Literature
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Theology

    Subjects Available (Majors/Concentrations):

    Accounting, African Studies, Afrikaans, Albanian, American Studies, Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Applied Management, Applied Mechanics, Applied Philosophy, Applied Physics, Arabic, Archaeology, Armenian, Art, Art History, Asian Studies, Astrology, Astronomy, Bible Studies, Botany, Bulgarian, Business Administration, Business Management, Business Studies, Cantonese, Cartography, Chinese, Cinematography, Classical Arts, Classical History, Classical Literature, Classical Music, Cognition, Cognitive Studies, Computer Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Studies, Commerce, Commercial Property Management, Contemporary Art, Contemporary History, Contemporary Literature, Contemporary Studies, Counselling, Cybertechnics, Cybernetics, Danish, Data Communications, Data Management, Defence Sciences, Defence Studies, Dutch, Divinity, e-Commerce, Ecology, Economics, Engineering, Engineering Technology, English, English Literature, Entomology, Environmental Studies, Etymology, Estonian, European Studies, Feminism, Finance, Fine Arts, Finnish, French, Gaelic, Genealogy, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, German, Gnosticism, Gnostic Theology, Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Graphic Technologies, Greek, Hindi, History, History of Art, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, Humanities, Hungarian, Hypnotherapy,

    Information Systems Management, Information Systems Software, Information Technology, Information Technology Engineering, Information Technology Management, Interior Design, International Business, International Studies, International Trade and Business, Internet Affiliate Management, Internet Affiliate Marketing, Internet Commerce, Internet Investment Strategies, Internet Marketing, Internet Publicity Management, Internet Sales and Marketing, Internet Security Management, Internet Security Development, Internet Software Development, Internet Strategic Planning, Internet Systems Management, Internet Website Development, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Language Studies, Latvian, Letters, Liberal Arts, Library Sciences, Literature, Lithuanian, Litigation, Management, Mandarin, Maritime Sciences, Maritime Studies, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanics, Media Studies, Mercantile Administration, Mercantile Management, Mercantile Studies, Military Studies, Military Science, Modern Art, Modern Languages, Modern Literature, Metaphysics, Multimedia Design and Application, Multimedia Investment Strategies, Multimedia Marketing, Multimedia Publicity Management, Multimedia Sales and Marketing, Multimedia Security Management, Multimedia Security Development, Multimedia Software Development, Multimedia Strategic Planning, Multimedia Systems Management, Multimedia Development, Music,

    Nano-Technology, Nautical Sciences, Nautical Studies, Norwegian, Oceanography, Ornithology, Ordnance Survey, Parapsychology, Paranormal Studies, Personal Fitness Coaching, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Polish, Political History, Political Philosophy, Political Science, Political Studies, Politics, Portuguese, Project Management, Property Development, Property Management, Public Relations, Publicity Management, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Management, Realty Development, Realty Management, Realty Project Management, Religion, Religious Studies, Research and Development, Residential Property Management, Resource Management, Robotics, Russian, Sales and Marketing, Serbo-Croat, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Sociology, Software Compilation, Software Creation, Software Engineering, Software Design, Software Management, Software Programming, Software Research and Development, Spanish, Special Event Management, Sports Management, Strategic Sciences, Strategic Studies, Swedish, Technical Science, Technical Studies, Technology Development, Technology Engineering, Technology Management, Thai, Theology, Therapy, Tourism and Hotel Management, Tourism and Special Event Management, Tourism Management, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Women’s Studies, Zoology.