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Person having a doctorate degree is respected in our society and those persons were awarded as Doctorate by writing ‘Dr.’ before their actual name. Doctorate degree is awarded for different fields.  One can apply for Doctorate degree for the following courses: Chemistry, English, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Management Studies, Civil Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Communication Systems, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

There are name of different projects that can be under doctorate degree at under specific departments are enlisted over here: Entrepreneurship Development  Cell (EDC) Scheme (EEE), Bio Medical sensors for volatile anesthetic agents (Nano Tech.), Hydrolic Sun Tracker (Mechanical Engineering), Implementation of Soft Switching on DC-DC Converter (EEE), Modernization and removal of obsolescence in Electronic System Design lab (EEE), Reconstruction of Graphs and Structures (Mathematics),  Industry Institute Partnership Cell [IIPC] (EEE doped with carbon nano tubes, SnOand WO3 (Nano Tech.)Thin film Polymer sensors for toxic gas detection (Nano Tech.), Development of novel ‘NO’ sensor using optimized nano composite material, Cobalt nanoparticles for defense applications(Nano Tech.), Construction of a Novel Assembler for Reduction of Handoff Delays in WLAN(CSE), Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Sized Graphene and Graphite With Magnetic Edge-State (Nano Tech.), Reconstruction of Number of Graphs and Diagraphs (Mathematics), Simple and efficient way of fabricating oxide nano-structured materials through molten flux technique (Nano Tech.), Computational fluid dynamics analysis of ejector-diffuser system used for testing of rocket engines in low pressure environment (Aeronautical Engineering), WO3/ SnOdoped with CNTs – An application of BIOMEDICAL, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and significance (Nano Tech.), Therapeutic Agents for Alzheimer’s Diseases: Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Studies of Copper Complexes with 2-amino benzothiazole derivates (Chemistry), Construction of a Novel Assembler for Reduction of Handoff Delays in WLAN(CSE), ), Development of wearable multi -analytic chip based gas sensor for trace monitoring of ‘CO’ and ‘NO2’ at room temperature using nano Cobalt oxides (Co3O4 or CoOOH),  Therapeutic Agents for Alzheimer’s Diseases: Synthesis.

In order to be Doctorate degree candidate must pass Master Degree in his relevant category.  The basic qualification required for applying for PhD in the field like Engineering, Management, Humanities and Science are:

  • Ph.D in Engineering/ Architecture Technology and Planning – Candidate having M.E/M.S/M.Tech. Or equivalent degree having minimum 60% or equivalent grade.
  • Ph.D in Science and Humanities – M.A/M.S M.Sc/M.C.A or equivalent degree in the Humanities and Science having minimum 60% or equivalent grade.
  • Ph.D in Management Studies – M.S /MBA or equivalent degree in the Management having minimum 60% or equivalent grade.

Most of the PhD program offers various types of financial aids like scholarship, loans etc but the scheme of the aids varies from stream to stream and from institution to institution.

Doctorate Degree is not only given to the PhD person but also is awarded to the person away from study or research field. This respected degree is awarded to those who are far better than any other of that field from which he belongs to or he should have some extra ordinary capability for his success in this field.

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