Degree Based on Life Experience

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A Brief Summary of the Life Experience Degree

A degree based on life experience, (often referred to as quick online degrees or instant college degrees) is a chance for seasoned professional to jump start their careers by condensing their prior work related experiences into a presentable portfolio to form a genuine accredited degree. One can get a degree from both online and traditional brick and mortar schools but most “instant college degrees” tend to be online.

However, be sure, if you are interested in obtaining a life experience degree and are currently attending college check with your administrators to see if they offer any life experience degrees programs.

Degree Based on Life Experience

Benefits and Risks involved in Doing a Degree from Home and How to Differentiate Fakes from real Life Experience Degrees

Quick online degrees are beneficial to nontraditional students as it typically lets them get into the business they desire without having to take extraneous classes or make huge time and financial commitments often associated with college courses. In short the ‘quick’ is the key word. It is also very helpful to individuals who already have a vast professional portfolio who do not require any more college level training since it allows them to quickly and precisely condense that information and convert it into a licensed degree. However, it is not all sunshine and roses, and if you are seriously considering applying doing a degree from home there are a few things you should be aware of.

First and foremost when one plans to get a degree online, you should be cautious, for the vast majority of online websites that offer individuals the opportunity to create a degree based on life experience are scams. Surprisingly, they do actually tend to be genuinely accredited agencies; this is not the problem, the problem lies, typically, within the face that the agencies themselves are bogus. So with that in mind you should always, always do your research and understand what kind of group is behind any given website before you give out any kind of personal information or make any kind of cash or time investment.

How to Get a Degree Based on Life Experience

Once you have firmly decided you are going to be doing a degree from home, the so called, instant college degrees, you will need to pick your life experience degree agency. There are a couple of notable agencies online that offer valid life experience degrees, such as the Thomas Edison State College and the Excelsior Online College. However, you should always shop around thoroughly before settling on your quick online degree program of choice. Also note that it is exceedingly rare to get a degree that is based solely off of life experience and a few other courses will usually be required.

Next, after you have picked the institution offering quick online degrees that you feel is right for you the actual classes themselves are usually quite straightforward. They typically consist of the instructors asking you to blatantly demonstrate the particular life experience skill you claim to have in order for them to make sure you actually possess the skills you claim. Once you have done this in detail and taken the requisite number of tests and fulfilled the other rudimentary requirements (usually workshops, seminars and the like) your life experience will be converted into the building blocks for a new and useful degree in your particular field or fields.

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