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Today accredited online colleges are on the top list of most of the students of the world. They provide thousands of online degrees every year. Most popular among them are the University of Phoenix and Cappella University.

In spite of this fact, there are many wrong perceptions regarding online education process. Such myths are already looming large on the internet and through word of mouth which are nothing more than rumors. Such negative propagandas are influencing the reputation of accredited online colleges and thus preventing potential students from applying.

Discussed below are the 3 most popular myths about accredited online colleges:

1. Accredited online colleges are expensive.

The scaring prices for earning a degree at any popular online school appear to be very expensive to the applicants. This is because even a degree of B.A. from such online colleges will cost more than $60,000 where as the cost is very reasonable when higher education is concerned. Other traditional colleges and universities will approximately cost four times more than an online school.

The Potential Students do not find accredited colleges to be cost effective since they compare the price for one credit at an online school to that offer traditional school. But the actual money is saved on the cost for day-to-day living which involves the expanses for room and board in case of getting degrees from accredited online colleges.

Therefore the online student can earn accredited degree in only one for only one quarter of the price for a degree at a traditional school. Also some online schools charges less than $60,000. For example Grantham University only charges around $30,000 or $300 per credit.

2. Accredited online college degree is less valuable in the job market.

Most of the students make assumption that an online degree holds less value when compared to a degree earned at a traditional school which is not true. Today online degrees have become more popular. Also the employers from different fields respect online degrees since they are familiar with different types of online schools as well as many employers being online graduates themselves.

It’s not being said that the degrees from the top online schools are not taken more favorably then their competitors. They also have long lived reputation like the degrees from Brick & Mortar Institution. Only that the well known schools like the University of Phoenix are more costly than the smaller institutions.

3. Professors at accredited online colleges are inaccessible.

Since the classes are taken virtually at online schools , the assumption is made that it is difficult to contact professors easily .But today online colleges and universities offers easy access to their faculties and staffs with the help of new technologies and other means.

If you take the example of the University of Phoenix, you get a guaranteed response within 24 hours for your email to a professor or a teacher whereas Brick & Mortar Institutions are famous for inaccessibility of their professors. They also don’t guarantee and immediate response.

Also, many online schools conduct ‘virtual classrooms’ for seminars and discussions where professors are available as well as via class discussion board and message board.

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